The Fire and Iron Compact Edit

Rumor of a great international conspiracy has reached to Lumerian court. Courtiers whisper that two greatest powers of the Jaddess Coast, whom have been in trade negotiations for decades have finally reached an accord. However, this alliance extends further than commerce, and rather to a full scale military operation to clear the shipping lanes of the Jadess Coast of competition. This rumored accord would pair the grand navy of the Fire Throne with the ruthless ironbound army of the Human Federation. It is simply referred to as the Fire and Iron Compact.

Panic has stricken the free merchants of the surrounding dominions, who are now flooding into Lume seeking protection of their persons and assets. The Ocean Throne has convened a special council of Seagraves and Margraves to discuss that matter clandestinely within the Citidel of the Setting Sun, but the panic is tangible. Special Envoys have been sent to the Ramalyan League and the Rosen League to shore up assurances of military aid. A large enticement of silver is being gathered to ship to the Shackleborne Princes to hold the line at sea around the Shacklebreak Barrier Reaf.

Rumor has descended southward from Witten of an entire flotilla of Sea People, cut off and destroyed on the high seas, with thousands carried off into slavery within the Amyran interior and tonnes of golden booty shipped back to Rosen from captured Treasure Ships.

In a rare occurrence, several nomadic tribes of Woodland Elves and bands of Wodes from Eladas formed a temporary league with some Celdsi militias on the southeastern borders of the Lumerian Greenwood and several packs of Thwylyths from the Marches of Autumn on the border between the regions of Eladas and Auryas. This rag-tag war party waylaid a Federate cograil-laying operation, which was seeking to connect Federate trade routes with southern Lumerian Dominions, such as the Civitae. This ambush quickly escaladed into a pitched battle between indigenous insurgents and Ferderate crack forces in the area. The Federate forces were routed and slaughtered. The entire track was ripped up at the roots all the way back to the Frost Tip Range. The success of the insurgency was not enough to hold it together against the Federal response. All participating tribes were declared Nefarae and subsequently smashed upon that battlefield. Now Federal legions are going through their villages, looting their property, slaughtering their men and women, and enslaving their children. This is occurring right up to the border of Lumerian Greenwood.