The Break: City of the Sky ElvesEdit

The Break is the sole Sky Elven city in Aetherea. It is most famous for it's aerie of Rocs (massive eagles), and the famous Roc Riders (some of the only air cavalry on the whole Jadess Coast). It is currently a subject state of the mighty Blue Elven seapower, Lume.

Estimated Population:  20,000


Sky ElvesEdit

The Sky Elves are a near-extinct breed of Elves that live in the cliffs, fjords, and tidal caves of the Jadess Coast. They speak a dialect of Gray Elven, the language of th elven seaport of Haven, but have adopted many customes of their conqueror, Lume. Scholars are unsure of their exact origin, but it seems likely that they were a distinct people prior to the First Indunation of Lume. They have been associated with Rocs, since they appear in the historical records. The Roc Riders have made a name for themselves as the only effective air calvary of Jadess Coast. So much so, that their great enemy, the Blue Elves of Lume, did not disband them--rather, impressed them into imperial service. It is possible that they were Gray Elven refugees that sought refuge in the craggy reaches the southern Jadess Coast during one of the countless dynastic wars between the larger Elven powers of Lume, Sylvesta, and Haven.

The Sky Elves are a widely dispersed race, living up and down the Jadess Coast in small family units. Most eke out a living by a combination of shallow water fishing, pearl-diving, raptor training (sport birds), tidal pool aquaculture, and seaside subsistance farming. The only place with a significant concentration is The Break,  itself. The Break accounts for most of the existing Sky Elf population, because most independant family groups have been flushed out of their coastal hiding places and relocated to The Break by Lume in order to more easily police them.

The BreakEdit

This only Sky Elven city is a sight to see. It has developed into a popular tourist attraction for travelers up and down the Jadess Coast. It is constructed pricipitously into the clifs of a massive fjord, which functions as a naturally protected deep water harbor. At and within the entrance to this fjord are tightly packed docs and quays, which can hold up to 200 shallow and deep draft ships. Above these, hang all of the trading posts, emporiums, guild halls and houses of the Sky Elven merchants. Atop the high cliffs stand several factories of foreign merchants, the largest of which is that of Blue Elven merchants. This factory has been converted to a heavily fortified exclave, guarded by the Blue Hand Band, a band of mercenaries from Lume. The Lumerian Factory, is also used by the Blue Viceroy as a forward fort, since it over looks the Jadess and is perched atop the cliff at the mouth of The Break.

About a half-mile beyond the the opening of the fjord, it splits into two forks, North Fork and South Fork. At the head of these two forks is the Aerie, which serves as both the administrative and military nerve center of The Break. This is where the Blue Viceroy lives and holds court. It is also where the famed  Rock Riders are stationed.


  • The Break is a subject state of the great Blue Elven seapower of Lume. Lume appoints a governor every 5 years, known as the Blue Viceroy.  He governs this fiercely independant city with the threat of superior force, carefully guarding the Roc Riders' use and maintaning a large garrison of Sea Guard and Blue Hand troops.
  • Sky Elven merchants' guilds are still allowed to meet in their guild halls and set their own regulations, but are carefully overseen by the Blue Viceroy's functionaries.
  • All other trade guilds have been disbanded, for they  are seen as the seed bed of insurrections. This has opened The Break up to price dumping from the merchants of Lume, leading to very hard times for the Sky Elven artizans.


Formerly, a pure white Roc in flight on a black background. After Lume conquered The Break, the background was changed to sea blue. This is also the crest of the Blue Viceroy.


Sea GuardEdit

This is a special detachment of Lumerian sea marines that specialize in rock-climing and have received air cavalry training at the Aerie. They are the occupying garrison of The Break and also the security force of the Blue Viceroy. They are based in the Aerie, and the forward forts at the mouth of The Break. The Sea Guard has an Air Calvery unit, and also a small war fleet which mostly kept in harbor. The backbone of this fleet are several large war galleys manned by Sky Elven rowers. Lume also garrisons the port with at least three war galleons from Lume, which are put under the command of the Sea Guard Commandant.

Blue Hand BandEdit

This is a contingent of sell-swords from Lume. Their membership is strictly limited to those that can demonstrate a pedigree of pure Blue Elven blood. The Sky Elves of The Break pajoratively refer to them as the Blue Bloods. They are hired by the Lumerian Merchant Guild, as a privately contracted security force to protect Lumerian merchants, their property, and many times, their interests. The Blue Bloods have a bad reputation among the Sky Elves, because they have diplomatic immunity and so are not afraid to abuse their position with impunity. They are known to run various rackets, blackmail, extortion, and ransom rings to generate substantial side income. They are hated for these abuses and their vicious racism toward anything that is not Blue Elven.

Roc RidersEdit

The Roc Riders are a famous unit of air cavalry of Sky Elven riders who have tamed massive rocks. This  force has been significantly expanded since the Lumerian conquest of The Break. It was almost disbanded after the Blue Viceroy tried to expand membership to qualifed Blue Elves. The Roc Riders attempted to expell the governor by inciting massive riots among the Sky Elves. Due to the geography of the city, this did not play out and the Blue Viceroy was able to subdue the Roc Riders with a large Roc-riding contingent of Sea Guard. The Blue Vieroy did not dispand them, in fact he greatly expanded their membership. However, membership is still strictly limited to Sky Elves. Instead, the Blue Viceroy created several units of Sea Guard Air Cavalry to train with the Roc Riders and sold the services of most of the Sky Elven Roc Riders to other kingdoms on the Jadess Coast.