When the Elves that departed over the Fathomless Blue arrived in , many loved the sea so much that they stayed on the coast of and built the . These became known as the Teleri, for the built ships that resembles swans in grace and beauty. There in peace by the Fathomless blue, they dwelt in , content and prosperous. They built swift and graceful ships in the matter of swans called Caravels. They established trade and commerce between their close Kin, the Blue Elves of Lume. In this trade both prospered, the Teleri supplying Arda with the splendor and works of the Blessed Realm, and the Blue Elves showing them the exotic wonders Arda offered. These were Ulmo’s most beloved. He loved them as a father does a son, but his relationship with them was more of a partnership. He ensured them of good weather, calm seas, plentiful fishing, and a tropic breeze in exchange he heard the heavenly strains of the Teleri as they sang their praises to Illuvatar for their blessings. No such a sweet noise has ever been heard in Arda since the early days when the Teleri sang their beautiful songs under the ocean song. This drastically changed after the first age of the Elves had past with the overthrowing of Gaulrung King of Dragons. The Teleri suddenly found themselves besieged by their own Kin. A great following of Elves, called the Noldar (exiles) under the leadership of Feanor set out to avenge the blighting of the Tree of Life by one of Morgoth’s agents, the hideous arachnid Unoligant (Shelob). They demanded access to the graceful Caravels of the Teleri to cross the Fathomless Blue. The Teleri refused to lend out their ships for destructive purposes. This enraged the Quendi Feanor. The Noldar attacked the defenseless Teleri slaying many of them and sailed off in the Caravels. After this heinous Kin-slaying that shed blood on sacred soil, the Teleri no longer sang their beautiful songs, but wailed in lamentation for their lost kindred. No longer did they build graceful Caravels, but instead the crude ships of the Blue Elves.