Government: Archmage Theobaltus

Military: The Iron Watch (Iron Golems)

Symbol: Iron Fist 

Taniph is a small city state across the bay from Rosenwaeric. It is also the last independent city-state within Rosenwaeric's sphere of influence. But the price of freedom isn't cheap. During the town's struggles with Rosenwaeric, it brought in an Archmage to design and build an army of iron golems to help defend the city. This plan backfired and the archmage took over the city with them instead. However, the residents of Taniph have rallied behind him despite his oppression because he keeps the forces of Rosenwaeric at bay.

Estimated Population:  20,000

Points of Interest:

1) The Haazengaard Cementary: This supposedly the most haunted cementary on the Ramalya Bay. It is guarded very carefully and surounded by tall, magically electrified gates (and sealed off at night). It is a very ancient cemetary, originally a burial place for where the Noldar buried their First Blood upon returning from the blessed realm. It was also a disposal site for the untold things which hunted them.

It is renounded for the Tomb of the Liche which is inside.

2) Tomb of the Liche: Within the Haazengaard Cemetary is a mauseleum where a powerful liche is sealed away in a premature burial. People from miles around come here to ask the lich questions, recieve prophecies, ect. Including several members of the Royal Rosenberg House have sought out and recieved prophecies here.

3) Farna's Workshop: The workshop of the world-famous gnome magical artificer, Farna. A massive manufactury of magical artifacts and enchanted items. Farna has perfected the production of these items on a large scale. An army of apprentices and journeyman work under him, often returning to their hometowns as Master Craftsman upon the completion of their indenture. Farna is known to be flamboyant and quite the showman, famous for putting on magic-lights shows from his open air research lab (which is housed in an ampitheater to accommodate visitors).

4) La Roche: A Watcher's Tower that has been converted into some form of communications tower. This mysterious contraption has been under construction for nearly two hundred years. The plans were supposedly drafted by a deranged wizard (and still exist, but are locked away within the vaults of the city keep). It is found funding off and on as various leaders have been drawn to its curiousity. The Archmage Theobaltus has recommensed construction on it with the assistance of Farna and his cadre of Journeymen.

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