Talim The Blue
Istari Wizard of Transmutation, Illusion & Change

Talim, in this life, first set foot on the world in Vesper, a small town built on a reef in the ocean, within an island cluster known to the local inhabitants as Britainia. When Talim donned the mantle of an Istari he did not give up his ability to assume a form of pure energy. Talim instead choose to keep his form for the increased mobility and sensing traits tied to it. His nickname blue ghost is based on this ability.

Over the first few centuries Talim lived in discretion. Hiding his powers while continuing to expand his own. Each time he used his magic he ran a risk of being seen doing so and as expected the rumors piled up to a point he revealed him self. He was the only Istari of the area but his race was not unknown to them. Over the next thousand years Talim roamed the area interacting with the people. True to all noble Istari Talim only offered bits of insight and wisdom and an occasional poke in a good direction.

Talim's study in magic is change. His first expertise, illusion, changed what people seen, heard, smelt, and even felt though it wasn't real. His focus, transmutation, could instill real change even with permanent effects. While is magic is far from being flashy as others, the knowledge of the nature of something and what it could be or could not be combined with the ability to alter it so is truly a powerful.