Taifa Barontas is the smallest of the Taific Emirates. However, it is also the oldest. It sits along the coast - but it's harbor is long silted in and the shoreline has receded a quarter mile. The city itself is built on the ruins of an old Simeonite Hill Fort that was adapted into a temple complex in the late Simeonite Tribal Period. As the temple complex evolved into tightly packed city, the city never lost its citadel-like character. The official religion of the city for most of it's history was staunchly "Simeonite" - which seems to be an archaic version of the Cymorian tradition to the north. The City Complex is based around 7 closely packed shrines, which are citadels in their own right. Each dedicated to the veneration of a different Simeonite tribal diety. The religion of the Taifa was violently reconstituted through a communal uprising as the grassroots support for the Taific religion grew within the city. Although the shrines were repurposed as houses of prayer and study for the city dwellers a strong vein of Simeonism continued in the folkloric traditions of the city dwellers. Several generations later, this led the city's commune to recall the Emir with popular support to become the head of the state and the religion. This quixotic blending of Cymorian and Taific religion is unique to Taifa Barontas. However the city still actively engages in the wider culture of the Taific kingdoms, including regularly sponsoring fellows from the Qus Seminary to preside as judges, maintain a Free Company of Gallowglasses and engaging in trade rivalry with the other Taifas. Otherwise, same dress, same language and same food traditions. The Emir of Taifa Barontas even sponsors a scholar at the Sols Seminary to ensure that its religion is accurately represented to the world.

The Cymorian Knights Errant who have flocked into the Crown in service of the various Taific Emirs loathe the Emir of Taifa Barontas (none will sign into his service) as they consider him a heretic to the Cymorian Religion. They are constantly scheme and actively seek to join any coalition that marches against him. In the most recent trade dispute, several bands of Cymorian Knights swore an association to dethrone him. This association, known as the Taific Knights Emirati (or simply the Knights Emirati) currently have the city circumvallated and are a fortnight into a siege. New Cymorian knights entering the Crown are no longer presenting themselves at the courts of various Emirs and instead hastening straight to bolster the siege of Taifa Barontas in hopes of dividing the spoils. The exact aims of the association are unclear, but they seem to be opportunists bent on installing one of their own as Emir. The other Emirs are currently worriedly corresponding with the Emir of Iuliarc proposing a temporary league to put down the association before it formally establishes itself as a crusading order with a power base in the Crown.

The Emir of Iulicarc as little interest in forming a league and little power to do so. The Emir of Taifa Iovian actively opposes it and sponsors the Knights Emirati - as she was the sponsor that originally contracted them as mercenaries to assist with the siege. Taifa Iovian has established deep trade connections with the Amyran Federation - which has benefited the Taifa greatly. The Emir of Taifa Iovian seems to only be pressing the siege at the behest of certain Amyran agents that have her ear. The aims of the Amyrans, as usual, are unknown.