Sky Elves

The Sky Elves dwell in the west coastal cliffs of the Eden Isle. They have grown light and lank in stature, and keen of eye. They are the masters of the enormous race of bird, Roc. They have a very simple history, manly consisting of servitude toward Manwe. They worked side by side with Teleron King of Thunderbirds traveling abroad, gathering information, delivering messages, serving as diplomats-- and most importantly—keeping careful vigilience over Arda and the growing threat of Morgoth. The Sky Elves are credited with the discovery of Man (though some scholars believe the Blue Elves were the first). They also penetrated Thanagodrim (the Stronghold of Gaulrung King of Dragons), Angaband (Isle of Nightmares), and slew the Lieutenit of the Tower at Orthanc,  and Turin Drow King at Dagor Umano. They are the only of the Illuvari that maintain constant ties to the lands of Arda.