Name: Sidkeh Multhothl Clericus

Race: Half-Orc

Alignment: Neutral Good

Class: Warrior Cleric

Equipment: Holy crozier axe, two tomahawks, white monk habit. chainmail armor, open-face helm

Background: Sidkeh was born into a small mountain community of half-orcs in the shadow of the great monestary of St. Albans. As an infant, his parents dedicated him as an oblate at the monestary. Sidkeh was raised as a monk, but proved to restless to stay confined in the monastery. He was ordained as a priest and began a career as a wandering evangelist. He preached among the Dwarven Electors of Mt. Coldforge and Mt. Snowforge. In the process, he was caught up in their many wars and served as a warrior cleric accompanying these Dwarven Electors in battle. When his benefactor, the Elector of Mt. Coldforge, and his heir were assassinated by the Mountain Elves, he joined a band of mercenaries in order to avenge them.