Name: Salvatorie Seraphine

Race: Half-Elf, Marcher

Class: Lay Brother of St. Erasmus Incindia Priory, Reeve of Tel Ignis

Alignment: Lawful Neutral


Salvatorie was born into a peasant family in the environs of the small priori of St. Erasmus Incendia. His village was donated to the priory when a local lord entered it at the end of his ailing life as an atonment for his life of corruption and extortion. Subsequently, all of the peasants dwelling within the donation were converted to the religious life and recieved the protection of the priori. For before, their lands had been continually scourged by petty baronets and feuding castellians. This is why his village was known as Incendia. The serfs recieved the peace, the protections, and the economic efficiency afforded by St. Erasmus Incindia. Within one generation a network of satellite granges and villages became incorporated into the domain of the priory, which came to be jealously and zealously guarded by its tenants. These tenants were admitted to the priory as laity. Salvatorie was born into the laity and pledged as an oblate to the priory after his mother survived a difficult childbirth. Salvatorie was educated in piety, letters, and numbers. However, he showed more interest in the laity's militia drills. When he came of age, he decided not to enter the priory, but rather work as a lay administer on one of the priory's granges. The peace of St. Erasmus made him stir-crazy, so he joined a group of settlers recruited from among the laity to found a settlement on the Marches of Autumn. This settlement was co-founded by the priory and one of its noble patrons, the Margrave of Tel Torva. The settlement, known as Tel Ignis (in honor of St. Erasmas Incindia), was co-ruled by the local priest, Armas Biscop and a local knight Adan of Tel Ferox. Salvatorie was appointed the reeve for the settlement. He is responsible for collecting rents, taxes, and tithes, keeping the peace, organizing the militia, and apprehending outlaws. Because the Marchers are in constant conflict with the local Thylwyth (a racial polygot of tribal cultures forced together by encroaching sedintary societies), Salvatorie and his milita frequently assist Sir Adan and the Margrave in raids and counter-raids against the Thylwyths.