Polar Elves (Laapelffin)

After the great war with the Orcs of the , the Twilight Elves fled into the Wilds of Twilight. Some, however, remembering the call of the , wandered ever northward into the Frozen Tracts. They settled in with the Skaeklings, and fit into their culture ideally, generally becoming their leaders. When the Great Hunt crossed into the Frozen Tracts in pursuit of the High Elven, they instead encountered the Elves of Twilight. They immediately recognized Orme and ran to greet him. After talking with the Valar they persuaded them to let the High Elven go free, and let the vengeance of Morgoth catch up with them. Also the war-hardened Twilight Elves, felt compassion for the victimized High Elven, and some wished to turn from their tribal lives and somehow spread joy to all the Children of Arda. One Mailar in the Great Hunt, named Nicholas, took a liking to these Elves and loved their change of heart. He asked leave of the Hunt and established himself as King of the Laapelffin, or Polar Elfes. He sheparded them to the very top of the world, where no storms swept across the snowy tundra, and the Northern Lights constantly shifted in the air; a reminder of the Wrath of the Valar against Melkor. There they built a great settlement. They called it the Northern Polis. Varda sent the two Mailar, and Boreal, to reside with him. brought with her the Scrolls of Divination. This allowed Nicholas to view the behavior and wishes of all the Children of Arda. Boreal brought with him a great chariot drawn by a team of Yulbukens. Together they set up a toy factory and  made toys for all of the youth of Arda, and delivered them every Yule.