Name: Maksym Berengar

Class: Ex-paladin, dark sorcerer

Race: Human

Alignment: in question

Equipment: full suit of Elven braided steel armor. White surcoat with red diagonal line pattern. crystaline claymore. Basic traveling pack and bedroll. mysterious artifact of dark sorcery.

Background: Fought in Ennido's faction during the Second Mythril War and during the Elvin Civil War. Later, he fled southward for unknown reasons. In the Southland he joined an order of paladins. He accepted secret and thankless mission to steal and destroy a dark artifact. This artifact belonged to the major Maiar, Set (scourge of the Southland). Set used this artifact to craft diabolical abominations from black magic. Maksym and his band of paladins forsook their order and entered into the service of Set. They perpetrated many unspeakable atrocities in his service in order to earn trusted positions. Against all hope, they successfully stole the artifact off of Set's very person. All of them died in the effort save Maksym. The artifact proved impossible to destroy. Exiled by his order, condemned by his unspeakable deeds, and hunted relentlessly by agents of darkness, Maksym fled northward in desperation.