Locryan ElvesEdit

Also known as:

  • Mountain Elves
  • Blue Elves (Goblinoid Usage)
  • Summit Elves (Human usage)
  • Alpinos (Wilder Usage)
  • Elves of the Mountain (Dwarven usage)

The Locryan Elves are the dominant force in the alpine range, the Frosted Slopes. They inhabit the slopes and interiors of these shear, snow-packed mountains. Most scholars believe that they are an isolated strain of the Blue Elf, such as those which rule several hundred miles away in the coastal power of Lume in the region of the Lower Jadess. This is supported by the fact that the goblinoids which haunt the interiors of the Frosted Slopes still refer to them as "Blue Elves." Also, many Locryan names contain elements of the Blue Elven language, even though the Locryans now speak a dialect related to that of the woodland elves of Eledas. According Locryan lore, the Locryans moved into the Frosted Slopes about a millennium ago under the leadership of a king named "Cerien Deathsbane ." This semi-mythical leader does seem to have existed because the royal family still has his sword as its primary heirloom. Many legends surround him, but few scholars bother to believe or verify. Many scholars posit that this strain of elves may have been refugees fleeing the Horizon Conquest of the Jadess Coast. Others suggest that they were sent by the Blue Elves to prospect in the Frosted Slopes for Mithril or to establish a slave trade with the region of Eledas . Both of these economic activies are still their primary means of income to the present day.

The Locryans are not as materially rich as the Elves of the Jadess. However, they are by far the most powerful and advance strain of the Elfkin in the region of Eladas. They tend to live a semi-nomadic life style in family bands. An elaborate clan structure exists, one which scholars have yet to entangle. However, it seems possible to belong to several clans simulatneously. Each clan has several holdfasts or settlements which it occupies on a semi-permanent basis. Occupation is dependent on the season and the economic activity the clan is pursuing at the time. Clan territory seems very fluid, often overlapping. An elaborate system of usage rights for the limited natural resources of the Frosted Slopes seems to effectively keep the peace. The Locryans despite their limited numbers, the Locryans have established themselves as a powerbroker within the northern reaches of the mountains of Eladas. Locryan clans dominate overland and subterranian trade through the mountains of Eledas, and guard their monopoly jelously. They especially dominate the Mithril trade between the Jadess Coast to the northwest and the Human Federation to the south of Eledas. In recent generations they have also began dealing in skin, entering the slave trade of the Jadess Coast and specializing in the capture and sale of fantastic creatures.

Locryan RealmEdit

  • Region: Eledas
  • Mt. Locrya (Locryan Stronghold)
  • Mithril Mines (disputed with Stone Dwarves)
  • Frosted Slopes (mountain range where most Locryan Clans reside)
  • Mithril Pass (Valley of Human settlement, conquered by Locryan Slavers)
  • Mithrildale (Locryan trading settlement at the mouth of Mithril Pass)

Known Locryan ElvesEdit

  • Lord Celbransion, Prince, 1st in line to the throne
  •  Lord Cierien: Prince, 2nd in line to the throne, Emissary to the Stone Dwarves. Also a known slaver in the Eastern Slopes of Eladas.

Swiftfeet Band:Edit

Mythril WarsEdit

  • 1st Mythril War: A bloody civil war errupted when the Stone Dwarves of Eledas first struck Mithril in the deeps of the earth 500 years ago. The Locryan Elves fought on the side of the Stone King of Mt. Fireforge and were victorious. In the proces, the Stone Kingdom of the Dwarves was rent into seven independent strongholds. This established a lucrative Mithril trade between the Stone Dwarves and the Locryan Elves.
  • 2nd Mythril War: Two centuries ago a dispute of Mithril trading rights between the Locryans and the Stone Dwarves errupted into a full-scale war. The Electors the Stone Dwarves formed an alliance and reconstituted the Stone Kingdom of the Dwarves. This war raged for a century. In the end, the Locryan Elves held out and forced the Stone Dwarves to the negociating table. The Mithril trade was re-established and an uneasy peace restored.
  • Elven Civil War: As a condition of the Mithril Peace, the Locryan King agreed to abandon the slave trade in order to regain the Mithril trade. Immediately after peace was restored with the Stone Dwarves, the Locryan clans were wrent by dissention this decision. Several clans split off and enlisted the aid of the woodland elves of Eledas, rising in revolt.  The Locryan King reversed his position and abbrogated this provision of the treaty in order to piece the clans back together. The war-weary Stone Dwarves said nothing as flesh started to flow once more across the mountains. This war quickly stalled out into a stalemate. Many clans rejoined the realm, but others joined the clans of the wood elves. It has faded into the background and mutated into a ghost war between the woodland elves and the Locryans. However, it still continues to the present day.

Locryan RelicsEdit

  • Darksbane (Royal Sword, Enido)

Locryan AlliesEdit

  • Cave Elves of Mt. Coldforge