Kongol of the Earth Shakers

Race: Hill Giant

Age: 24 years

Class: Beserker

Alignment: Neutral

Armor/Weapons: He wears full body plate armor that has been made by his tribe, except for a helm. He carries 1-two handed hammer, 1-two handed ax, and a small ballista as his ranged weapon. He is large enough he can wield both two handed weapons with one hand.

He was born into the Earth Shaker clan, which used to be a very warlike clan until his father decided that blood shed was not for him anymore and they turned to the way of the nomads. He is the son of its Chieftain. He roams the land as a lone mercenary looking for work, vowing he would uphold the honor of his clan and his father. He is said to be blessed by the ancestral spirits. He is said to be immortal among his race.