Name: Khadad Kuor

Title: Sixth Stone Prince, Guardian of St. Albans, Strong Pilgrim

Race: Stone Dwarf

Class: Warrior Cleric/Paladin

Alignment: Lawful Good

Equipment: Full dwarven platemail, clerical overgarment, Great Axe of St. Elmo's Fire

Background: Khazad was born the sixth son of Zhundkh Kuor Katsnaar, the Stone King. He was raised in the mines, on the battlefield, and at the forge. He experienced a midlife conversion to the religious life when he was visiting the Elector of Mt. Coldforge. At the time, Sidkeh Clericus of St. Albans, a half-orc cleric was evangelizing the dwarves of the Stone Kingdom under the protection of the Elector of Mt. Coldforge. Khazad entered the monastery of St. Albans and soon became it's protector. This created a firm alliance between the Abbot of St. Albans and the Stone King.