Nations of the Jadess CoastEdit

Upper JadessEdit

Middle JadessEdit

Lower JadessEdit

Rosen LeagueEdit

Other Powers of the JadessEdit

  • City of Rosen , High Elven City across the Jadess; capital of the Horizon Empire 
  • The Sea People , seaborne culture of human traders owing allegience to no king or lord
  • The Corsair Coast , a tropical, craggy coast of sugar plantations, cimarrons, castaways, thieves' dens, and pirate nests, and corsair cities West across the Jadess from the Shacklebreak Islands, beyond the Shackle Break  (barrier reef).
  • Mityrdha , the half-sunken city which launched a thousand ships before its doom. An ancient, dying city which gave birth the cultures which now inhabit the Corsair Coast and the convoys of the Sea People.
  • Sylvesta , the Garden Kingdom City of the Sylvan Elves (inland from Lume)
  • The Shaklebreak Ises , home of the numerous and feuding Shackleborn warlords and petty kings (off the Middle and Lower Jadess Coast)
  • Ruin , subterrainian city of the Drowe in the upper reaches of the Underdark
  • Belegost , underground kingdom of the Golden Dwarves, master magical craftsmen.

Lumerian DependenciesEdit

Native Peoples of the Jadess CoastEdit

  • Quendar Elven - High Elves from the Kingdom of Rosen. Blonde hair, palid complexion, stilted, red eyes, very pointed ears. Tall stature, Slender build. Tend to be emissaries, wealthy merchants, scholars, specialized artizans, and in positions of power. Least numerous of the Jadess Peoples. Present in all centers of power.
  • Rosen - Half-Elves which were the native subjects of the Empire of the Horizon on the Jadess Coast. Blonde hair, palid complexion, stilted, red eyes, very pointed ears. Tall stature, medium build. Ruling class of the Middle Jadess Coast. Tend to be anything social, religious, political, or economic position from the middle to the top. Second most numerous of the Jadess Peoples. They make up the largest percentage of the population in the cities around Ramalya Bay (Rosenwaeric and Rosen League) in  the Mid Jadess Coast.
  • Dwelven  - A breed of Half Elf/Half Dwarf that is a remenant from the Empire of the Horizon. Red eyes, pointy ears, blonde beards. Medium stature and build. Tend to be merchants, artizans, business owners, and guildsmen. Tend to dwell in and travel between cities of the Jadess Coast. Very numerous.
  • Mestisen  - Polyglot ethnicity within the cities along the Jadess Coast that results from centuries of inter-racial mixing between, Half-Dwarves, Half-Elves, Half-Orcs, and Half-Trolls. The other "half" assumed to be one culture of human or another, usually indiginous (Celdsi, Shakleborne, Nord, Three Peoples of the Tremmling, etc.) Tend to be tall stature and stronger build. Tend to have Blue, Red, or Dark eyes. Usually Black, Gray, or Brown coarse hair. Tend to concentrated in the lower strata of Jadess society: peasants, soldiers, mariners, laborers, especially associated with slaves, freedmen, and clientage. Live all all along the Jadess Coast. Main inhabitants of the rural peasantry and urban underclass.
  • Nord -Humans from the North that followed the Noldar Exodus from the Blessed Realm across the icy tracts of the Halicarax. They migrated in great numbers to the Jadess Coast. Tend to be tall, palid complection, gray, blue, or green eyes, red, blonde or sandy brown hair. Concentrated mainly in and around the great trading polity of Witten in the northern Jadess Coast. Nords will be found in all trades and occupations.
  • 'Celdsi -'A displaced indigenous ethnicity of human which are decended from the same language family of the Wodes in ArdisTend to be of medium build and stature. Green or Brown eyes. Red, Black, or Brown Hair. Tawny, or Ruddy complexion. Tend to live in cities as day laborers, or on landed-estates as tenant farmers or serfs. A few Celdsi clans still exist within the dominions of Lorica-Waerd and Witten.
  • Sylvan Elf - a displaced Elven polyglot that seems to have descended from various branches of the Green Elf family. Light brown hair, gently-pointed ears, olive colored skin, brown, yellow, or green eyes. These elves are the ethnic majority within the Kingdom City of Sylvestra. Here they lead a semi-nomadic, hunting, gathering, raiding, trading, and cultivating lifestyle. They tend to avoid cities where possible. They tend to be rangers, druids, apothecaries, traveling merchants, mercenaries, guards, tinkers, traveling craftsmen, etc. They are also a significant Minority within the Kingdom of Lume, especially within the Marches.
  • Gray Elf - Elves which followed the great Elven Lord Talmenor to the Jadess Coast during the Summoning to the Blessed Realm. They reached the Jadess after the last ships of the Quendar had sailed. However, Ulmo, the Valar of the Sea had pity on them and ferried a portion of their number across to the Blessed Realm. He has left them with a promise that he will one day return to collect those whom remain, but only after they have served some greater purpose. It was prophecied Ulmo's coming will be heralded by the death of Lord Telmenor. Lord Telmenor died in a broken man in exile in Rosen itself. Expelled by his own people at the instigation of Lord Ciridan over an age prior. The gray elves are concentrated in the Elven cities of the Lower Jadess Coast (Lumerian Dominions, such as Civitae, The Break, and The Gray Havens). They also have presence in the cities Middle Jadess (Rosen League, Rosenwaeric, and Lorica-Waerd) where they have largely disappeared as a self-concious ethnicity in the country side. Most grey-elven families have forgotten their old elven roots as they were assimilated into Rosen society over several centuries of Horizon rule. In the Middle Jadess, they are probably still the dominant, but latent rural population. Only recognizable by surname and their shock white, silver, gray, or straw blonde hair or gray eyes. There is still as self-conscious Gray Elven presences in the Middle Jadess Cities. Most of these are day laborers or in the businessness class, but not of guild or title. In the Lower Jadess, the Gray Elves are a strong presence. They are a vibrantly self-conscious supermajority in the Gray Havens. They are a strong minority in the Civitae, and also have a very large presence in the coastal dominions and the Marches of the Lume as freeholders, farmers, and soldiers.
  • Sky Elf - Elves that live in the Jadess Cliffs and are Roc tamers. They are the ethnic majority in the city of Break. Most other populations are small or neglible along the Jadess Coast, having been largely wiped out by a genocidal campaign by the Blue Elves of Lume. Skin color ranges from chalky white, to charcoal gray, to jet black. Eye color is luminescent blue, magenta, violet, or indigo. Hair color is very, deep midnight blue. The Sky Elves are known for their beautiful eyes and hair. They live in all economic and social strata within the Break. Outside, they tend to be mercenaries within Air Cavalry or assassins.
  • Blue Elves - Elves from the major sea and trading power Lume, which claim the special patronage of Ulmo, Father of the Sea. Their skin ranges a spectrum from cyan to turqouise. Their eyes from azure to violet. Their hair is uniformly as jet black with a silky sheen. The Blue Elves tend to be concentrated in Lumerian Dominions and Dependencies of the Lower Jadess, but have an enclave in nearly every geographic point of contact on both sides of the Jadess Coast. They range the social and economic strata within Lumerian sphere of influence. However, outside, they tend to be mariners, soldiers, merchants, or some odd combination of the three, such as Merchant Guilders, or Blue Hand Band.
  • Shakleborne : A rough breed of human, ethnocentric and xenophobic to the max. The penalty for intermixing is death. This ethnically tight-knit culture is far from cohesives, made up of dozens of warring principalities and petty kingdomes scattered across the large Shaklebreak Archipeligo, the Tremmelings, and the various coastal exclaves where they have set up permanent encursions. These are especially numerous along the contested border between Rosen-Waeric and Witten. Their hair tends to be various shades of curly black. Their skin ranges from fair to ruddy to olive. Their build is tall and very strong. They tend to be warriror and mariners, both inside and outside Shackleborn dominions, but also they are pastoralists, fishers, raiders, sailors, traders, and subsistance farmers.
  • Trammelings : The ethnic majority of humans in the Tremmelings, an island chain south of Lume. They are a fishing people, ebony in complexion with dark, wavy hair.
  • Bog Men :  A sparse ethnic minority of humans in the Tremmelings. They are a nomadic hunter-gathering society. They are ebony in complexion and have dark, curly hair.
  • Crannog Men : A minority of humans in the Tremmelings. They are sedentary fishing and aqua-culture society. They are olive skinned, and have firery, thick, coarse red hair.