Indra is complex and disputed deity which holds sway on the Edges of Twilight. Known to be immensely powerful and immesurably cruel, it is widely agreed that he is a jealous, capricious, and exacting god which deals indiscriminately with his faithful and foes. Most of his veneration revolves around appeasing his wrath, securing his protection or pardon, or invoking his maledictory guile. He bares many of the personality traits of roving god, but is not manifest, rather an omipresent, numinious presence upon the Edge of Twilight. Beyond these characteristics his nature and attributes are widely disputed among his adherants and enemies; Except for his association with fire. 


Indra is the chief god in the Dohcar pantheon. He is called the Demon King and is held to have an army of greater and lesser demons in his service. These are the the tangible forces that the inhabitants of the natural world feel. These demons are known as Sallah and manifest themselves to the inhabitants of the Edges of Twilight. Indra is associated with fire, judgement, vengeance, and war. The Dohcar consider themselves adopted by Indra and to be his coventental people. This means that Indra jealous endows them with his powers and attentions. However, in return, they are deeply indebted to his will and whim. The Dohcar often function as his mortal minions.The Dohcar tribes widely practice ritual object sacrifice, libation, and enemy sacrified to appease him and invoke his power. Indra's adherents use a magical fire known as Indra Fire that burings hot, vibrant red. It can burn through spells and spirits. It is considered very dangerous for this reason.

Twilight ElvesEdit

The Twilight Elves consider Indra to be an ancient and powerful Maiar of Fire, similar to the famous order of Balrogs-perhaps even one. He is attended by a whole host of malign spiritual forces including: Lares, Genii, Djinii, Animii, and Numinii that have been co-opted by his power. He is seen in a largely dualistic struggle between the primary protector of the Twilight Elves, Oronme-though inferior in status and power. The Twilight Elves receive the power to cast Coldfire: a sickly blue  magical flame (also known as ghostflame) from Orome. This type of fire has very powerful effects within the Fading Realm and Shadow Realm. It is seen as a dualistic counter to Indra Fire (a yin to a yang).

Tribes of TwilightEdit

Among the scattered and rare human Tribes of Twilight, Indra is the vengeful spirit-protector of the tribe, venerated within some tribes as a spirit-shaman of dreams, but in all tribes as a hearth spirit associate with fire. Child sacrifice is widely practiced to appease or invoke his power. He is only communed with to appease is wrath, to remove his curses, or to invoke his curse. Any interaction with him is considered extreme and only brought on by the most dire of circumstances.