Illuvari Elves

The Illuvari are the faithful few that sought the light of the Blessed Realm and persevered over all of the struggles and temptations along the journey. They now abide in the grand city of , the city of pure mithril. Finwe reins over them and they live in peace and plenty in the great presence of the Valar. Soon after the First Age of Elves passed, the monstrous agent of Morgoth, Unoligant (a spiderlike creature) invaded Valinor from via the Grinding Ice (a strip of glaciers, iceflows, currents, and archipelagos that connect the Eden Isles with the mainland. Unoligant attacked the Tree of Life and sucked all of the lucence from it, and blighted it. Unoligant escaped and the Telephron, the Tree of Life died. Feanor, Quendi, and a great king among the Illuvari, and his people Wrought many gemstones of light, modeled after the throne of Varda, Polaris. There were many precious gems called Spirit Hearts, for the essence of the makers were contained inside them. There were 20 gemstones that contained the essence of Telephron, for they had extracted it before the blight took affect. These stones of dazzling light were named the Lucent Spheres. Feanor, whom was a master craftsman, wrought three gems from that contained the Unquenchable Flame of the Sun. These were called the Silmarils; the salvation of Arda, and condemnation of the Noldar. The power and majesty of these gems have been used for many awesome miracles. Sadly the seeds of wrath sown by Melkor were bore into the Blessed Realm with the Noldar, and their power would be perverted. These gems kept the evils of Melkor out of the Blessed Realm, but also kept those that had found their way in. , the most powerful of all the Quendi, began to lust for the Silmarils. He in secret forged the first Material sword; Frett. The blade of the Frett was translucent black and flamed when it sensed its use. assailed Feanor, and stole the Silmarils. He had made arrangements with the Teleri to sail for the mainland, and silently slipped away. Feanor, being of fierce strength and stubbornness, refused to fade and rallied his subjects in wrath. Manwe, whom knew of what had occurred warned Feanor to let the Valar take care of it, but the sword Frett, had planted a evil seed of discontent in Feanor’s heart. He rallied his people, and him and his seven sons took a vow that they should not rest until they recovered the Silmarils. Manwe grieved at this, for a vow upon sacred ground was a binding pledge, so he was forced to exile the Noldar. Feanor, arrogantly assured Manwe that they would recover the Silmarils and return, but he knew nothing of the welcoming arrangements Morgoth had planned for .

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