High Elves

When the Noldar  set out to attack the innocent Teleri, many stayed behind. They knew that their lives were in danger because of what their Kin were about to do. So the fled northward, leaderless, and disorganized. Within hours of the massacre of the Teleri the wrath of the Valar was stirring. A great hunting party of Mailar, Avians, Gracelies led by Tulkas himself were in hot pursuit of the exiles. They reached the northern shores of the Eden Isle, where the weather was brisk. In haste they built rough canoes and paddled desperately out to sea. They resolved to take the forbidden passageway to Arda, known as the Grinding Ice. The Grinding Ice is a series of rocky, storm tossed archipeligos, iceburgs, icesheets, and iceflows through the Arctic regions of the Fathomless Blue that connect the Undying Shores with the mainland. After 1000 years of braving the Grinding Ice and carefully evading the wrathful pursuers they finally came to Arda in the Frozen Tracts of the north. There they met the Skaeklings, barbaric creatures that are thought to be Men. But these Elves draw a line that they insist is linked to the Vandals. They fought the Winter Tundra and finally found the . The Northern Dwarves welcomed them hospitably, for the tremendous favor Feanor had done for them. The exiles did not take a liking to the dwarves, but the dwarves loved them. The exiles decided that they would establish their own realm. They established three havens: Imlardris west of the , hidden in a valley, Lothlorien, hidden in the woods east of the . The third one was in the mountains of Eregion. Lord Celeborn and his wife, Galadriel ruled in Lothlorien. Celebrant ruled in Eregion. Lord Apoco reigned in Imlardris. Celebrant and his subjects, set up a lucrative trade with the Sons of Durin, the oldest breed of Dwarf in the primordial stronghold of Olme, their maker; Kazad-Dum. Lord Celebrant received a fair Mailar into his court one night, named Silvertongue. This Mailar won over him mind and reviled to him the art of ringsmithery. Celebrant and his artisans, under the patronship of this Mailar forged Rings of Power, that were potent and dreadful in power. Celebrant became uncomfortable with the Mailar and expelled him. Soon after, he was struck down with a horrid illness, and was formed into the first Vampire. He was expelled from his people and disappeared into the mists of time. The High Elven of Eregion convinced Gil-galad to stay and be their Immortal King. So he reigned over them. Apoco of Imlardris sent for the daughter of Fingon, King of Doriath, to wed her. He wished to sew an alliance between Green Elves and High Elves, and make amends of their Kin’s evil. Fingon’s daughter, Luthien Tinuviel, was the most beautiful Elfmaid ever born. She was part Elven and part Mailar. She refused, for she had fallen in love with Beren a man in the service of Fingon. At this Apoco was grieved and to comfort in his adviser, Goldentongue. Goldtongue instructed him in the art of glyphcraving and weaponsmithing. With the help of Goldentongue he crafted the glyph sword, Celestar. Eventually Apoco went insane and was slain by Goldentogue. The High Elven expelled Golden tongue, but Apoco, was now undead. He fled into the north; the first of the Coptran. Many years later the Elrond, son of Earendil, son of Beren and Luthien, was crowned king of Imlardris