Green Elves

Doriath, the country of the Green Elves was the first country established in Arda. Fingon built for him and his subjects a great palace within a great hill in the heart of the Great. This palace, known as Nargathrond, grew rapidly until it was a great subterranean city; a maze; a labrinth of chambers and dwellings. Mellian the Mailar wove a barrier of protection around the borders of Doriath to block out the influences of Morgoth upon the Green Elves. Because of this grace the Green Elves flourished, in Nargathrond the first calandar and writing system were devised east the Undying Shores. Here also the first examples of classic Elven art and smithy were displayed in rich carvings and architecture. The Green Elves dwelt underground, but lived out and abroad in the wilds of . They hunted and gathered in parties, and feasted and made merry in the cool shade of . Their culture and way of life went unspoiled for 2,000 years after the founding of Nargathrond. The Green Elves developed the bow and arrow for hunting large game such as elk. The Green Elves did not hunt hunted for sport and for food. The sport was to silently track down the game and kill it, but they only hunted because of the need of food. Bands of hunters constantly patrolled the fringes of the Great because Mellian’s great wisdom had caught rumor of Morgoth’s growing threat.

The Green Elves knew of their Kin, the Sindar that lived just on the other bank of the Great Torrent and of their troubles, but chose to stay safe within the protection of Mellian’s barrier. The Green Elves became immediately hostile to the pompous Noldar Exiles as they attempted to pass through Doriath. Fingon was furious when the Noldar killed several of Green Elves that had hindered their progress across the border and into Doriath. Fingon could not believe that the Noldar would kill their own Kin as one would kill a squirrel. The Green Elves forcibly drove the Noldar from Doriath, wounding many, but not intentionally killing any. This breach in Mellian’s Barrier signaled the decline of Doriath. Once the Noldar had established themselves where the Sindar had once lived, they declared war upon Doriath. The Green Elven Hunters fought valiantly to maintain their borders, but the relentless Noldar, still bearing the light of in their eyes drove them back. Fingon called for all his subjects to seek refuge with the sanctuary of Nargathrond. The Noldar could not devise how to breach Nargathrond, because they had seen nothing like it. So the Noldar left the Green Elves to hide inside of their city, and took into their possession. The Elves of Nargathrond remained pure and set on just principles, and procured their food through covert hunting parties. Then with the dissolving of the Noldar, Fingon and his son, Finwing, reclaimed the Great and reestablished Doriath. After several hundred years of regaining Doriath, Fingon and Finwing’s borders were shaken by a mad mass migration of Noldar. They fled from the on coming wrath of Glamrung, the first Dragon (devised by Morgoth) and his children. Doriath, Lume, and the scattered Noldar banded together and defeated the masses of orcs and trolls that swept across the Sweeping Plains. After this great war the works of Morgoth rested as they rekindled their strength, or merely focused elsewhere. Fingwing accepted the Noldar and took them under his wing. Fingon bitterly conceded remembering the slaying of his subjects. In time the Noldar brought a flourishing boom in art and culture to Doriath. But a great civil war broke out when a group of Noldar Nobles killed Finwing. Fingon did not expel the Noldar, but from then on persecuted them.