Ghome: Crown of Brooding Forest and Festering Fen Edit

Ghome is an ancient, gloomy land filled with dark, brooding tangles of ancient growth forests and festering bogs. This land is sparsely populated, mainly by wondering clans of Alamastrans descended from the original Celdsi occupants of the deep forests. The clan structure of these Celdsi-Albiamastrans has evolved into a complex structure of noble houses and their attendant retainers. Most of the great families have names taken from their local envir, onment, such as Bog, Birch, Deeproot, and Fenn. The people of Ghome are fiercely loyal to their houses, the only uniting factor, beiing their king. The King of Ghome is unique among the Alamastran Crowns, in that the office is elected from among the Great Houses of Ghome, within the consent of the High King. Therfore, there is no concept of a royal dynasty. This further divides the houses as they constantly jockey for position and for the throne. This makes Ghomian politics exceptionally, devious, bitter, and violent. It is a custom among the great lords to take several wives and keep a harem to make sure their bloodline runoff strong through potential heirs. This has created a large restless class of second sons and scions which are frequently diverted into the Imperial Legions and Free Companies to deport their troublemaking. Ghomian society is entirely sedentary, based on hunting, gathering, and deep-forest agriculture, unlike Baderk there are few nomadic populations despite the hostile terrain for farming and sedentary lifestyle. As a result, Ghome is not renowned for its cavalry. Instead, it is noted for its light skirmishers and peltasts. Ghomians regularly populate the auxiliaries of the Imperial Legions, often used as fodder to blunt the edge of the enemies' assault. Ghome is also a land renowned for its magical landscape, with it's Eldar Ancient Tree groves and Druidic Wells. It is one of the few Alamastran Crowns which has rich populations of demihumans, such as Woodland Elves, Gnomes, and Fairies. Many legends of Alamastra are find their roots in Ghomian heroes such as Fiond (Fein) and Malakor (Malicore). It also has a strong caste of druidic priests, derived from the naturalistic religion of the Woodland Elves which operates outside of the clan structure. It focuses on the care of the Eldar Ancient Tree groves and the mediation of disputes.