Elfkind - Children of Arda

The word Elf  means God’s First Light. The Elves are known as the Firstborn. They were the first of the Children of Illuvatar to inhabit the world of Arda. According to Elven masters of lore, the Quendi, or Forefathers, the original 7 fathers of their race came into being after being wrought by the mighty hand of Illuvatar from precious gems and stones. Their names are Fingon, Finwe, Finafar, Fingoflin, , Feanor, and Finafin. Their origin, although scholars are not for certain, is believed to be on the shores of the Evendim, the . The Elves in the beginning were a race born under the night sky. Varda had not yet finished reforming the Sun at this time. For a long while they inhabited the coast of the Evendim. Their they built a great city of . They knew not of the Quendi, because Orme had discovered them at their origin, and whisked them away to appear before Manwe.

When the Quendi returned with the aid of Orme, Culuvian had grown into a great city. The Elves had figured how to construct houses of wood and earth, and how to cobble their streets with stone. They lived in their city in peace, for the hand of Illuvatar directly provided for them, until the Valar could assume their responsibities. The Quendi, whom had learned the hallowed tongue of the Valar amazed the Elves, for they talked gracefully in tongue, but all Elves could discern what they were saying. The Elven people believe the Quendi to be the Valar, that Illuvatar had told them about, and they believed Orme to be Illuvatar himself. For they had never seen anything more magnificent and pleasing to the eyes than the fair Orme mounted upon his mount, grasping his Horn of the Hunt.

The Quendi quickly set them straight, then told of their journey to Olympus Mons, and of the glory of the Valar. They also told of the Promise of Manwe, and this excited the Elven people. Many readily abandoned their huts to pursue the uttermost west coast. Still more came because they were urged by their companions, but these were doubtful at heart. Then there was a small percent that distrusted the Quendi, and thought them agents of Melkor, and stayed put, preferring to dwell forever under the stars and the providence of Illuvatar. So came the first sundering of the Elves early in their ancient history. The ones that stayed behind in the safety of Culuvian became known as the Dark Elves, because they stayed abiding under the stars.

The Quendi set out leading the majority of Culluvian with them to seek the Uttermost West Coast. They departed, and Orme showed them how to survive of the land, how to track, and hide from preditors (carnivores had appeared in the lands after the Great War of Melkor, one of his many seeds of evil that had been planted). He taught them to use Polaris as their guide, and told them of the earth, sea, heavens, and weather. They were eager and soaked up all the knowledge that Orme could provide. So Orme had counseled them in all he was allowed, so he took leave of them, telling them they must find their way, and he had started them down the right path.

At his departure some were scared and returned to Culluvian. And some were lost into the wilds, and fell into the clutches of Morgoth. As the Firstborn traveled through the exotic world of twilight and wonder, they passed many natural wonders of great beauty. Some became so intoxicated with the grandeur that they resolved to abandon their pursuit of the light, and dwell in the Wilds of Twilight. They one, by one, split off from the Elven people, and ran off into wilds and established nomadic tribes that survived on the skills that Orme had taught them. These few became known as the Twilight Elves. No one knows if they still exist, but legend says they do, but cannot be found because they are masters of stealth and spying.

As the Elves reached the Sweeping Plains and found the banks of the Great Torrent, the Sun rose over the horizon in the east, lighting the world and banishing the darkness. The Elves were so awed by the sun that they sought to follow it as it traveled westward. This is where the old Elven saying I shall follow the paths of the Sun alone to its origins unknown. When the Elves saw Arda illumined in its full beauty, and for the first time saw colors. They were once again intoxicated. Many called for the Elves to settle in the Sweeping Plains where the land was rich, there they could work the land as Illuvatar had taught them in Culuvian.  One of the Quendi fell into the poison of their tongues and resolved to stay and rein above any that were willing to stay. So Fingoflin stayed on the east banks of the Great Torrent, and erected the Great City of Alaericroft.

Finwe, the wisest of the Quendi bitterly named these elves the Grey Elves, or the Sindar, for they had overcame the black of night, but could not cast off the grayness of doubt. So the Elven found a ford of the Great Torrent in the far north, and continued their trek. As they entered the Great, the Elves were once again mystified by the vast expanse of the forest, and some wished to dwell their. At this place Fingon was scouting ahead, when he came across the Mailar, Mellian, they stood frozen for many weeks studying each other. A group of scouts was sent to find Fingon, by the time they had found him he had taken Mellian for his wife. They decided to stay with him, thinking it not so bad to dwell in the Great. There was founded the Country of Doriath. These Elves were never known to the Elves that sought the light, but the became known as the Green Elves, for they chose their abode in the deeps of the .

Finally the Elves reached the shoreline of the Fathomless Blue. Many were frightened, and fled back to the refuge of Alaericroft. Finally they fought the uttermost west coast described by Manwe. They named it the Point of Lingering, for when Ulmo appeared to them in the midst of a great tsunami, many fell back choosing to linger on the beaches, instead embark on the journey across the sea. Ulmo instructed the Elves how to build ships of great maritime capabilities. He taught them how to sail and navigate the Fathomless Blue. So the Elves embarked across the sea. Still many wished to depart across the Fathomless Blue, but were scare of the deeps. So Manwe sent to them Teloron, the Lord of the Thunderbirds. Teloron carried two massive eggs in his might talons, and carried a proposal from Manwe.

When these two eggs hatch, my grandchildren shall immerge. They will not be great Birds of Thunder as I am, but are a new race. They will not be not just of the wind, but also of the earth, for Olme forged their hearts from gold. This race shall forever be loyal unto your posterity. They will live in the sky, and rest in the cliff faces by the sea, for they are of the earth, and of the wind. Since they are birds of the earth, I name the Roc. If you raise them and train them, they will bear you across the Deep Blue, to the paradise that the Valar have prepared for you.

These Elves faithfully trained the Rocs, and in time did pass over to , but they also have been known to return for short period of time when out and about in sky. These Elves came to be known as the Sky Elves.

The Elves that remained at the Point of Lingering used the knowledge given to them by Ulmo to errect a great port city of . These Sea Elves, or Blue Elves, were the first to construct great structures out of stone, to protect against the storms of Ulmo. They rose great walls of rock around their city, and fortified the harbor. Also they build the great , that served as a beacon to lost mariners. These Elves soon became masters of maritime. Their master became known as Cirdian the Shipwright.

When the Elves that departed over the Fathomless Blue arrived in , Many loved the sea so much that they stayed on the coast of and built the . These became known as the Teleri, for the built ships that resembles swans in grace and beauty.

The remaining Elves sought the Valar in the center of the . There was a great city of gems, lodestone, truesilver and adamantine awaiting them. In the center the  Tree of Life  blossomed, giving the whole island a prayer of grace. Their the Light Elves, or the Sacred Elves dwelt forever in peace and happiness—Until Feanor, Quendi, and Lord of the Noldar, forged the Silmarils.

Origin: This is a topic that is highly argued by scholars. The Wizards of Men, masters of lore, estimate that the origin of the legend of the Descension dates back as many as 45 untold ages. It is known that Lume was founded 50,000 years ago. From this Wizards pridict that that Culuvian was estabilished as early as 60,000 years ago. It is said by ancient Elven lore master’s now departed stated that the Quendi emerged as early as 100,000 years ago. Archeological evidence divulged from the ruins of Culuvian, however do not support this. They suggest that Culuvian was captured by the Elves from the reminents of a far older civilization.