Eledas (Geographic Region)Edit

The region of Eledas is a sparely populated, mountainous region on the fringe of several major centers of civilization. The Jadess Coast lies to the Northwest and the  Federation of Cities lies to the south. This region is abundant in fantastical and magic wildlife and natural resources. Many powerful, prized, and dangerous creatures prowl its slopes and live in its veils. Rare, powerful herbs with magic properties grow in abundance. Rare magical metals and gems of great power abound. In prior ages, advanced civilizations mercilessly exploited these mystical ecosystems resulting in cataclysmic fractures in the magical topography of the region and the destruction of these societies. As a result magical anomalies abound attracting powerful magical, natural, and spiritual forces. Ancient ruins, filled with abandoned wonders decay againts the forces of time.

It's lower reaches and slopes are often prey to larger outside powers. However, several powerful and independent peoples dwell within the deep reaches of its mountain ranges.

Political Powers of Eledas:Edit

  • Stone Dwarves: The Stone Kingdom of the Dwarves is a vast kingdom centered around a spine of seven volancoes. Each volcano is ruled by an Elector. The Stone Dwarves are renouned craftsmen of magical weapons and artifacts, using the Creation Fire of the volcanos in their forges. They are also the largest suppliers of magical gems, gold, silver, iron, and Mythril in the region.
  • Locryan Elves: The Locryan Elves inhabit the Frosted Slopes range. Their stronghold is on the summit of Mt. Locrya. They dominate transregional trade over and under the moutains. They also specialize in supplying slaves, Mythril, and fantastical creatures to the Jadess Coast and the Federation of Cities. 
  • Woodland Elves: The Woodland Elves are a numerous but disassociated people, who inhabit the vast, primordial forests that dominate the slopes, vales, valleys, foothills, and approaches of the mountains. They are a druidic people, living is isolated nomadic family bands. They survive by hunting, fishing, trapping, gathering, foraging, and raiding. They are renowned for their woodcraft and apothacary. Often, their only interaction with outsiders is when working as scouts, trackers, mercenaries, or when bringing rare pelts and herbs to market.
  • Wilders: The Wilders are the sedintary humans who inhabit Eledas. They tend to live in small hamlets or villages, speak common, and accept the spiritual guidence of the Brotherhood of Ere. Each settlement tends to be autonomous in economy and governance. However, many of these settlements have come under the direct control of the  Federation of Cities or the Locryan Elves in the past century. In response, some regions of denser Wilder settlement have organized themselves into independent counties and shires, electing lords and forming militia. Most of these lords go by the title of "Baron," "Lord," or "Count," or "Earl." There is little political distinction between these titles.
  • Wodes: The Wodes are a messolithic hunter-gatherer culture which inhabits the woodland regions of Eledas. Little is known of them. They are famous for their colorful tattoos and secretive ways. It is said they speak two languages, one around outsiders and one amongst themselves in order to keep their ways secret. Scholars have yet to understand either.
  • Trolls of Ebenthorhal: The Trolls of Ebenthoral were once a might subterranian civiliazation in of craftsmen in Eledas, deep in the knowledge of magic. However, they destroyed their civilization in a gigantic magical cataclysm. Half-Trolls decended from them live among the Widler settlements to the present day. Recently, a Troll Lord and his subjects were reawakened within the Hall of Ebenthorhal deep within the Mountains of Eledas.
  • Brotherhood of Ere: A monastic organization subscribing to the Eldarin Patheon of Valar, which has evangelized the Wilders of Eledas with great success and made inroads with the Stone Dwarves. However, they are bitterly dispised by the Woodland Elves who are devote druidists. These monks and priests live in monasteries which are founded upon sites of great magical power or disturbance. The sworn task of this Brotherhood is to find such magical disturbances and reconsecrate them through monastic foundation and exercise.
  • Federation of Cities: A powerful league of human city-states which lies to the south of Eledas. It is nationalist and expansionist in the extreme, possessing a powerful military-industrial-mercantile complex which drives its agenda. It has expanded into Eledas conquering most of the southern region in a bid to gain access to the natural resources abundant in region. It has constructed a frontier line of forts at the edge of the woodlands.