The Edges of Twilight is a vast semi-arid lunar landscape that lies beyond where the Sun rises in the east. It is a flat and rocky plain that is shrouded under a perpetually clear starry nightsky. The stars light this landscape with an eerie glow which renders good sight to most creatures with low-light vision. The Edges of Twilight is a wild and dangerous region that knows no civilization. Small nomadic bands of Dohkar traverse its vast expanse and tribes of Twilight Elves live semi-permanent settlements as they follow migrating herds of fay creatures and minor demons. The Edges of Twilight are largely inhabited by minor demons and other magical creatures that have spawned from the Fringe, a dangerous and mysterious territory that lays at the far edge of the Edges of Twilight that is wrapped in a perpetual black mist. All life that inhabits the Edges of Twilight centers around a magic cycle called the Darkness. For most sentient creatures, this is a dreaminglike oblivion that comes upon them once a day. Many demons and fay creatures go on the prowl during the Times of Fading and Returning when sentient creatures are drifting into or out of the darkness. The most dangerous creatures awaken once the darkness has descended and look for their prey.