Breya Legata, Blue Elf, is an commercial operative within the Amayran Federation's international commercial complex. Her exact affiliation is unclear, but Lumerian intelligence has evidence of connections to the Office of the Principal Mangeriat, Mystical Amayrans of the Jadess Enterprise, Security and Trade Investment Consortium (MAJESTIC) a loose consortium of Amyran international import/export banks which have invested heavily in public magical projects and operations throughout the Jadess Coast. Examples of investments include, the magical prison and wall at Lorica-Waerd, the restoration of the Cascade of the Valar the he Ocean Throne, the Skyway and Seaway at Lume, the artisanal factories of the Jadess League to name a few examples.

She was born Breai Greenlance into a restless Margrave House Greenlance on frontier of the Lumerian Greenwood. As a child she was found to have a deep, druidic connection with the primordial forest Greenwood which bordered her family manse. Her family was largely exterminated in the ghost war that plagued the boarders of the Lumerian Greenwood in those days. She was trained from an early age to defend herself and to ruthlessly exterminate threats. Upon being orphaned as a young woman, her extended family boarded at Lume and Lorica-Waerd to study magery in the best academies of the Jadess in recognition of her mystical gifts and her lack of a dowery. Upon reaching majority, she left Lume the venture deep into the druidic kingdom of Sylvestra. From this time, she disappears from all records, until her family relocated her many years later in Lorica-Waerd. By this time, she was a citizen of the Amyran Federation far to the south. She had adopted the name, Breya Legata in the the Amyran fashion. She had, apparently traveled far and wide, including a trip across the Jadess Ocean to the great imperial city of Rosen, itself.

She came back into the public light when she unraveled a plot to release the Great Wyyrm Shakalakala, the great dragon frozen in suspended animation in the central square of Lorica-Waerd. The Grand Council of the Magi at Lorica-Waerd offered her any prize she named. She requested the restoration of her inheritance of the Greenlance family manse on the borders of the Lumerian Greenwood. This is how her family reconnected with her. By this time, House Greenlance, of which her family was a minor branch, had become a powerful force in the imperial administration. Reunited with her House, she gained further powerful connections into the imperial patronage of the Ocean Throne.

Officially, she is a Curator Emeritus of Magical Artifacts and Relics kept on retainer by Maldric's Academy of Failed Wizardry in Lorica-Waerd. Her main responsibility to the Academy seems to be fixing particularly malfunctioning, dangerous magical objects. She also supports herself on lifetime civil pensions won in her service of the Fire Throne, Ocean Throne and the Grand Council of the Magi. However - it is not public knowledge how exactly she came by these pensions. Although, it is assumed that the one from the Grand Council is from the suspension of Shakalakala. She also draws revenue from her family manse in the Lumerian Greenwood.

Breya currently lives at Hadrian's Haunted Tavern in Lorica-Waerd, permanently letting out the Ambassador's Suite, living in quiet extravagance. She had her private collection of magical artifacts installed. She uses the Ambassador's Suite as her office, from which she runs her magical consulting firm. It is unknown how many she has under her employ. However, she is widely recognized for her extensive connections into the demihuman crime underworlds, especially in all matters related to banned, magical artifacts. Lumerian authorities also keep her under constant surveillance due to her continued allegiance to the Amyran Federation.

Breya is known to be one of the most ruthless, cunning and effective commercial operatives deployed by the Amyrans in the Jadess. She specializes in containing magical hazards and making inconvenient problems related to the dark arts go away. She often contracts her services out (or is lent out) to the powers of the Jadess, especially when a particularly difficult magical problem emerges or continually plagues a powerful community, household, or organization.

She is known to do frequent consulting work for the Archmage Theobaltus and the magical artificer, Farna, in the city-state of Taniph, though the nature of this project is unclear. The Lumerian authorities believe this consulting work initiated through MAJESTIC.