Blue Elves

The Sea Elves at first were terrified of the Fathomless Blue, but in time Ulmo taught them to love it. Ulmo became their closest friend and took it upon himself to be their guardian. He rose for them the mighty city of . A seaport of unprecedented might. He instructed them in the arts of the mariner, until they were the greater than the Elves that had crossed over the seas before them. They built the great that was a beacon to all mariners seeking a safe haven. This was the citadel of Cirdian the Shipwright. He wisest mariner of them all, and was their leader. Ulmo had given to him the Ring of Water and the trident and shield of surf. The Blue Elves were very adventurous in heart and sailed to many exotic lands, mapping and exploring, even leading expeditions inland. They established a strong trade with the Dwarves of Dragonfang. They also documented encounters with habalis, a creature in the Far Artic regions of the North that was slowly migrating southward. Many scholars agree that this could be the oldest sighting of the race of Man. Cirdian and his mariners aided Fingon and Finwing in the recapture of Doriath by destroying the Noldar ferries and bridges across the Great Torrent. Because of this Doriath and Lume  became great allies in trade and interest. The Blue Elves also established regular commerce between themselves and the Teleri. In this way Manwe received a steady supply of intelligence of the going-ons in Arda. The Blue Elves of Lume marched into combat with the Green Elves and had a crushing victory in the of the Swept Plain. They also with the help of a newly arrived race which they called the habalis banished the threat of Morgoth from the west of Arda by slaying the children of Galrung, and banishing the Dragon King.