Campaign: Exodus' Escape

Name: Artesia Artemis

Race: Blue Elf

Class: Bard/Poet/Cantor/Priestess

Alignment: Chaotic-Good

Equipment: 6-string lyre, 8-string lute, pan flute, bodhrán (shaman drum), lodestone necklace, casting staff (of sea elf design), slip of storing, hard leather corslet, frock hat, ascot hat.

Magic: Bardic, loden-field thoery, limited socery, limited shamanistic and animist magic.

Languages: Common, Elven, Morgul, Goblinoid, Aquarian, Solaren, Dwarven


Artesia is bardess who has lived a short but very difficult life. She has a cold, aloof personality and a fiery hot temper that gets her into a lot of trouble and a smooth toungue and quick wit that occassionaly get her out of it. She is horrifying enemy and a fiercely loyal friend. She is bad at making friends and great at making enemies. She doesn't care at all for close-quarters fighting, perfering instead to offer support fire, area-of-effect, and status-effect magic. Her talents are more outside of battle, to be honest. At this point she doesn't even carry a knife. She is highly charismatic, incredibily knowledgable and well-versed in lore and bardic knowledge. She is literate, but does not care for books. She comes from an oral culture where things are read aloud and committed to memory. She has a near photographic memory, which allows her to commit, songs, chants, incantations, scrolls, entire books, even entire lore cycles to memory. Of course the bigger the task the more effort is required. She has a wide array of interests and loves learning. She also loves to learning languages and understand the mechanics of them. She loves the spoken word, because that is her magic, trade, and craft.

She group up in a small family of troubadors, but her parents and grandparents were killed on the road when she was an adolescent. Her and twin sister struck out together as their own minstrel show. Her sister was killed by a frost giant in the mountains (really, really long story). All of this loss has given Artesia a very cynical, dysmal view of the world. She believes that everyone tends to resort to violence to achieve their ends. She however, tries to avoid direct contact with her foes whenever possible. She also tries to travel in good company so that she does not have to draw blood. This is because she is an animist priestess for her clan and there are certain prohibitions she must follow.