Armand== Armand is a small, fortified city which straddles the Vosser River. It is a tributary of the great trading city, Rosenwaeric. Recently, the all of the guilds in the city banded together forming a Corporation and drove all Rosenwaeric sympathizers and officials out of the city. The city is currently run by the Guild Council which contains representatives of every guild.

Armand is both admired and feared by its neighbors. Admired because of the high level of civic duty within its citizens. It fielded an army of 20,000 (out of a population of 30,000) during a battle with Rosenwaeric and its allies, which it won. Feared because its government seems to be little more than anarchy and mob rule.

Armand suffers from intense infighting and vendettas between families. It is know for its dueling culture. Many tutors are available. For this resason it and exceptionally strong mercenary and warrior's guild. It has several martial arts academies, as well as gladiator schools (which used to supply Rosenwaeric for its games).

Sons of Disenherited knights flock to fill these academies by the thousands. Upon graduation, they are inducted either in to the Knights Guilder; Warriors Guild; Mercenary Guild. The Warrior's Guild is the backbone of Armand's army. The Knights Guilder is an elite group, which have recieved a knightly title. The Mercenary's guild are the students who did not recieve a commission who stick around as mercenaries after graduation.

Government: Guild Council

Military: Knights Guilder; Warriors Guild; Mercenary Guild; Martial Colleges

Symbol: Primrose

Points of Interest:

a) Hall of Heroes: This grand building is both a memorial to the secular heroes of Armand and the local warrior guildhall. Within it are the tombs of many famous warriors. It is also the burial place of several Rosenberg princes. Famous artizans such as swordsmiths and armor wrights work their craft in a great piazza outside.

b) The Mercenary's Bizaar: In the piazza outside of the Hall of Heros is a great flea market which caters to soldiers. This is where soldiers from up and down the Jadess Coast come to convert their plunder into cash or to buy needed items. It is a winding, endless maze of stalls and venders sectioned off from the heat by tents and drapes. One does not go in unless they intend to spend lot of time and money. Armand can support a year-round bizzar because of its strong military tradition, its military and martial arts schools, which are overflowing with students, and because it functions as an outlet for reistence to Rosenwaeric.

g) The Parade Grounds; place were public spectacles such as chariot races, gladitorial combat, jousts etc are held. This is also where several prominent military academies are. Disenherited sons of knights flock here by the thousands for a chance to get paid and knighted by the Knights Guilder.

h) Storm Temple: A small, out-the-way temple which has a small rain cloud that constantly storms upon it. It is within the precincts of a monestary and little more than a tourist trap.

i) The Dojo: The Dojo is a training facility that was build by the Guild Council which is open to all comers. There are constant tournaments and bouts held within. Many martial students come there to fight each other, wild beasts, prisoners-of-war, etc.

j) The Guild Hall: Where the Council meets publically. It is also houses all of the guild halls for the various guilds which are represented by the council (save the warrior's guild).

k) The Statue of Nike: An ancient statue of a celestial so lifelike that legend rumors it one which is slumbering. It was given to Armand by Rosenwaeric as a gift after it lost a war to Armand and sued for peace.

L) The Fountain of Valkyria: Valkyria is the patron spirit of Armand; one of the ancient Wild Gods worshiped by the Wilders outside of city in the wilderness. This fountain is really an artensian well of crystal-clear, fresh water. The city was founded upon a Wilder settlement which used this spring as a source for fresh water. No one knows much about Valkyria, besides that she was goddess of war and carnage, but the cities recent victory of Rosenwaeric has created renewed interest in her veneration, and caused an interest in exploring the well.

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